The Importance of an ABA-Approved Educational Program


In the most generalized sense, a paralegal training program which has been approved by the American Bar Association has undergone extra work within their curriculum offerings. A school that is approved by the American Bar Association has clearly demonstrated a consistently high standard of learning within the paralegal industry. Not only is the training institution compliant with the various guidelines established by this organization, but the faculty and overall training quality exceeds that of non-approved training institutions.

While an American Bar Association approval clearly demonstrates the training programs high standards, an aspiring paralegal doesn’t have to attend an ABA-approved training program in order to work within this field. However, there are several real-world benefits applicable to all students wishing to enter any paralegal field. We encourage anyone who is researching paralegal schools to consider ABA approval as one of the criteria that may influence their choice of paralegal program to pursue.

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Benefit #1 – Relevance Within the Industry

When you attend an American Bar Association approved paralegal training program, it means that the overall educational experience exceeds the various guidelines established by this national organizations. In other words, the training program is well-qualified to train paralegals and prepare them for a dynamic career as a paralegal. Because the training quality meets or exceeds the requirements for a variety of industries, when you obtain a degree or certificate from an American Bar Association approved training institution, you’re setting yourself up to truly succeed within this industry as you’ll be distilled with the most relevant and up-to-date information within the paralegal industry.

Benefit #2 – High-Quality Education

A training program that’s been approved by the American bar Association has met the highly-specific need requirements for not only classroom hours, but also curriculum offerings. Therefore, when you attend such a program you’re guaranteeing a solid, well-rounded education. When a training institution requests accreditation by the American Bar Association, they must satisfy strict requirements regarding:

1.) Faculty qualifications and real-world experience
2.) Curriculum relevancy to the modern paralegal industry
3.) Textbook offerings
4.) Library resources to enhance the overall educational experience
5.) Exceptional student resources to maximize the entire training experience
6.) Centralized location of classes
7.) Powerful job placement and career counseling student services
8.) Above-average classroom facilities with the latest technological advancements

As you can tell, when you enroll in an training program that’s been approved by the American Bar Association, you’re engaging with a training education that takes training paralegals seriously.

Benefit #3 – Wide Array of Institutions

Because of the strict requirements to become approved by the American Bar Association, you may think that these training institutions are only available at expensive law schools or Ivy league institutions. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The American Bar Association features approved educational programs at all levels. For example, there are technical certificates, associate degree and bachelor’s degree programs that have all been approved by the ABA.