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Benefits of a Criminal Justice Master’s Degree

security training classes
University students listen to a lecture on security officer training as part of their Masters in Criminal Justice.

While obtaining a two or four-year degree is an excellent way to jumpstart any career, many advocates of higher learning state that true education within a field doesn’t begin until you reach the master’s level of education. At this point within your studies, you’ve covered all the basics within an industry and are now prepared to truly delve into the “meat” of an industry, which is evident by highly detailed research and study requirements.

Even though obtaining a master’s degree in any industry features its benefits, if you’re seeking a well-paid career in the realm of criminal justice, a master’s degree provides far more than an extra credential. In fact, there are many career options that aren’t available until you obtain this graduate level degree. If you’re curious regarding the benefits of a criminal justice master’s degree, then continue reading.

Advanced Career Preparation

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a master’s degree in this industry is the fact that this degree prepares you for administrative, management and leadership positions within the criminal justice industry. After obtaining this graduate level degree, you’ll qualify for administrative roles not only based upon your education, but also based upon the life skills you learned to receive such an accreditation.

If you’re searching for an educational pathway that prepares you for an upper-management career that’s capable of altering the success of an organization, then a master’s degree in criminal justice will be your ideal choice. Oftentimes, coursework includes a series of security related classes which provide a beneficial base for any branch of criminal justice you seek professionally.

Higher Salary

As with almost every industry, if you were to obtain a master’s degree in criminal justice then you would demand significantly higher salary than those with an undergraduate degree. For example, the average compensation for those with a bachelor’s degree is just over $58,000 per year while the average take-home salary for those with a graduate level degree is just over $61,000 per year. However, if you were to obtain a career in an upper management (administrative) position, you could expect to bring home an average salary well over $100,000 per year.

Work in Specialized Industry Sector

When you have an undergraduate degree, you’re able to work in several specialized criminal justice industries; however, this involvement is increased with a master’s degree. Just as its name suggests, when you obtain a graduate-level degree you’re considered a master in whatever your concentration was. This expert accreditation opens up a vast amount of possibilities within the criminal justice industry. If you’re interested in becoming an expert in this industry, then you must consider taking the master’s degree educational pathway.

If you’re interested in jumping into a specialized industry sector such as security work, you can learn more about criminal justice security classes at SecurityGuardTrainingCentral.com.